A Complete Laboratory Management System

With today’s critical laboratory services placing greater demands on you and your staff, you need an information system that gives you maximum flexibility to support your customer’s exacting clinical requirements. Whether configured for a small five user setting or networked in a 100+ user multi-facility client/server system, VisuaLab will streamline work flow, improve productivity, and lower costs by automating many of your laboratory procedures.

VisuaLab provides complete laboratory information system functionality from Order Entry to Final Reporting. VisuaLab supports label generation, automatic accession numbering, work list reporting, and instrument interfaces. Additional features include enhanced user interface, multiple price levels, and multiple report delivery methods.

A System That You Design

Every laboratory has individual requirements. From specialized results reporting, such as color-coded normals ranges, to selective case approval and customized final reports. VisuaLab was designed from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility. When a department adds a new location or changes a test, you can instantly make this change or set the change to occur on a date that you determine. Full system integrity is maintained through automatic date/time stamping. In addition, VisuaLab allows you to establish and maintain a vast array of system parameters for even greater flexibility. 

A System That is Customizable

Every menu, window, and short cut key within VisuaLab is designed to achieve the balance between fast data entry and accuracy. Somewhere along that continuum is the appropriate mix. Aurora Systems, Inc. can help you determine where that point is for your lab and customize a solution to achieve optimum efficiency. 

A System That Will Meet Your Future Needs

Based on an open-architecture design, VisuaLab delivers a complete range of laboratory information functions plus the versatility to expand and upgrade as your needs grow. VisuaLab supports multiple laboratories whether they are in the same building or hundreds of miles away. 

VisuaLab also supports an unlimited number of users so you never have to worry about stretching the software to its limits. For true versatility, VisuaLab can connect to the database of your choice. Databases from vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and others are supported.

A System Based On Open Technology

VisuaLab was designed and built using proven and trusted technology from the industry’s leading vendor in enterprise application development, Sybase, Inc. PowerBuilder was selected as the main development tool because it is based on industry standard protocols and because of its wide acceptance among professional software developers. PowerBuilder is so highly scaleable and robust that many Fortune 100 companies entrust their mission critical applications to the technology.

Since VisuaLab was designed using open tools it can connect to virtually any SQL database. This means you can preserve your investment in your current database. Or, if you will be purchasing a new database system then you are free to choose among the leading vendors for the solution that best meet your needs.

Key Features

  • Extensive User Customization Options 
  • Work List Reporting 
  • Sophisticated Query/Search Capability 
  • Automatic Faxing and/or E-mail 
  • Multiple Security Levels 
  • Label Printing/Bar Codes 
  • Imaging 
  • Auditing 
  • Instrument Interface 
  • Supports Multiple Sites 
  • Internet Access 
  • Connects to Any Database 
  • Easy to Use Interface 
  • Highly Scalable

VisuaLab Standard Features

Assigns accession numbers automatically. Order entry functionality for both diagnostic and clin/path laboratories.

Work List Reports 
Reports all pending lab work by department or unit code in order to quickly build loads for maximum testing efficiency.  

Label Printing 
Custom design bar code labels for test tube identification and instrument interface.

Sendout Forms 
Submission forms for sendout tests can be printed from the system, eliminating the need for technicians to spend time manually filling out forms.

Results Entry 
Predefined text messages reduce entry time, test results are displayed in color-coded format to indicate normal/abnormal ranges. Single patient and herd entry available.

Reflex Test Order 
The system can be programmed by the user to automatically order additional tests if the results of another test possess a specified result.

Patient Test Reports  
Flexible, user-customized reports using Seagate Crystal Reports. Permits users to create reports with images and rich text for individual units and/or complete summary and management reports.

Management Reports 
Generates a variety of customizable reports to assist in the management of a laboratory.  

Case Archive 
Cases can be stored on-line and archived as required for document retention compliance.

Search Capability* 
Various search functions are included to assist in accessing data quickly and easily. In addition, more sophisticated search engines are available to generate specific management reports or epidemiological reports.

User Customization 
Flexibility to customize the interface, including tests,, reports, and results entry screens, for each laboratory’s individual preference.

Instrument Interface*  
Will interface with all laboratory instruments equipped with an RS-232 port.

Billing Interface* 
Each unit code can be set up with a list price and as many levels of pricing as required. This permits customized pricing including quantity discounts and separate price classes. The system can be interfaced with any accounting software package.

The system monitors any changes made to patient and client information.

Our vision is to provide high-performance laboratory information management systems (LIMS), based on open technology. 

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