Contacting Technical Support

There are two kinds of service available: primary and emergency. Primary service is provided during normal business hours. Emergency service is available after primary service hours, for severity 1 problems only.

During primary service hours, call 877-590-0260 to speak directly with a technician. If all technicians are engaged at the time of your call, please leave a message and your call will be returned by a technician. The standard is to return all calls by the end of the same business day in priority sequence. If a call is received near the end of the day and you cannot be reached, your call will be returned the morning of the next business day. If you are calling with a severity 1 problem or need immediate assistance, you should always state the priority so that a technician can be made available to take your call immediately.

When contacting Technical Support, please have the following information available:

The product name, release number, and operating system
Your name, telephone number, and extension (if any)

  • A "system down" or product inoperative condition that is impacting your production.
  • A suspected high-impact condition associated with the product.
  • A question concerning product performance, or an intermittent or low-impact condition associated with the product.
  • A question about product use or implementation.

For your convenience, you may also use our Work Order Submission Form. This document will allow you to submit system bugs, upgrade requests, and custom changes done by your site for incorporation into the core code. Simply complete this form and email it to

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